Mega Grip™

Mega Grip™ is an innovative slip resistant fabric that offers superior grip in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions. Mega Grip™ is 100% expanded PVC with a high quality non-slip surface applied to it, and this non-skid, no slip fabric raises the bar for slip resistant fabrics.

Mega Grip™ is ideal for sewing or welding a variety of durable products, and is engineered for excellent performance as the fabric is waterproof, withstands 12,000 revolutions on the Taber Abrasion Test and is cold crack tested to -40F. This material is easy to care for as it is flexible, resilient and washable. An additional benefit of Mega Grip™ is that the fabric has a diamond embossed pattern that is engineered to be versatile for a wide range of applications, including when suppleness and the ability to stretch is needed. Uses of this grip fabric include medical supplies such as wheelchair cushion bottoms, sporting uses such as equestrian clothing, camping and hiking, motocross seating and seating systems, shoulder straps and glove palms, and panels for bags, cases and luggage. The differences between the two fabrics in our Mega Grip™ line, Mega Grip™ and Mega Grip II™, result from the differentiation in the surface textures of each material. Mega Grip™ features a diamond embossed pattern and Mega Grip II™ is constructed with an asphalt pattern.

Call for additional details on our non-slip fabrics today, including FR and mildew specifications and information about customizing our slip resistant fabrics to meet the requirements of your special project. Custom orders are available for Mega Grip™ with low minimums, and we can work with you to achieve a variety of custom colors and textures. Request a sample today and view our related non-slip fabric here:
Mega Grip II™

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Width 54"
Face 100% Expanded PVC
Finish Waterproof
Roll Size / Minimum Order 40 - 50 Yards